Everything and nothing is constantly on the television. It's all the same.
Even if you don't watch television, you still know what's on it, don't you?
You go to restaurants and cafes that have televisions tuned to the news and the weather.
You read newspapers and books, and magazines, and newspapers again, and books again, and articles on the internet.
You watch bad films on Netflix. It's the same with music.
You like the music you like, but the more you like it, the less you find that music interesting.
You listen to a song so much that it doesn't interest you anymore, and then you move on to something else.
For a while, that something else might interest you more, but not long after you're back to that song that didn't do much for you.
What do you do when you get sick of a song you once loved?
What do you do when a song is ruined by unpleasant memories?
Some songs just need to be left in the past, no matter how hard it might be.